Architecting multi-channel success for Autodesk

Award-winning integrated marketing

This multi-channel campaign for Autodesk, featuring a build-your-own model of London’s iconic The Shard skyscraper, achieved 4x the expected response rate, secured an ROI of 193% and won two awards at the B2B Marketing Awards 2017.


Integrated marketing campaign, lead gen

Website, infographic, animation, direct mail

Merging physical with digital

Autodesk wanted to tell some of its highest-value accounts about the benefits of expanding their portfolio of Autodesk solutions.

To kick off, a flat-pack model of the Western Europe’s tallest building, The Shard, was mailed to a highly-targeted list of Autodesk accounts.

Comprising ten pieces and minimal build instructions, the model was designed to push the buttons of creative problem-solving types like architects and engineers.

IP-targeted display advertising drove a wider audience to an eBook, completing a far-reaching awareness layer that included social media and created a consistent engagement experience across all channels.

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Turning customers
into fans

To drive further brand interaction across social platforms, recipients were encouraged to work together to build The Shard model and Tweet a picture of their team with the finished product – in return for a chance to win ‘design collaboration expertise and beers’.

Catalysis then arranged an Autodesk-hosted knowledge-sharing event at the winners’ offices, complete with a mobile bar and Autodesk-branded beer mats and pint glasses.





response rate – 4x higher than expected


B2B Marketing Awards winner

“The direct mailer was hugely successful from our perspective – we got four times the expected response rate and gained traction in our largest target accounts. The concept design and execution were very different from our normal approach, and clearly struck a chord with our customers.”

Tom Edmonds, Sales Director, Autodesk