Sparking engagement with new audiences for HERE Technologies

Breaking new ground

HERE wanted to raise awareness and generate leads in a new business area. It worked with us to develop an end-to-end integrated campaign leveraging multiple awareness channels and a variety of creative content assets to excite and engage its audience.

HERE Technologies

Lead generation, integrated campaign development

Webpage, social campaigns, video, infographic, white paper

Stand-out creative

We designed striking social, creative and marketing content to captivate the audience from the comfort of their social media feeds and favourite web pages. From animated Instagram stories to 3D web page banners, we built creative assets that viewers couldn’t ignore.

Bespoke content

With seven outreach channels to fill and a web page to populate, we had our work cut out to deliver creative content for every stage of the journey. We built everything around the same concept to ensure visual alignment and content consistency as users moved from one asset to the next. From snappy social posts to technical white paper content, we ensured HERE’s audience saw the right content, on the right platform at the right time.



social flashcards


display adverts


outreach channels