Multi-phase end-to-end campaign for HERE Technologies

Audience-centric narrative

HERE needed to explain the benefits of sharing vehicle sensor data to car manufacturers, which had previously proven challenging. By researching and analysing each of HERE’s target customer personas, we were able to extract unique benefits and transform this story into an engaging multi-phase campaign.


Strategy, User interface

Strategy, website, social posts, social campaigns, emails, banners, webinar

Real data for innovative creative

Highly visual and innovative assets built with real car
manufacturers’ data helped HERE display future possibilities.

Account-based targeting

By targeting adverts at LinkedIn users in specific companies and locations, with defined skills and job functions, the campaign caught the attention of the right people. This multi-phase approach helped HERE build up the story, reiterate key messages, deliver fresh content and engage with key accounts multiple times. It also allowed us to analyse and apply learnings from each phase – such as which audiences were engaging most with the social posts - to optimise results in the next round of outreach.



leads generated


have become sales

The campaign outreach generated 522,391 impressions, 5,534 clicks and 677 email opens. 25 different publications