IBM gets in shape for GDPR

As the doom-mongers whipped up panic on the road to GDPR, Catalysis helped IBM tell a more positive story.

Meet ‘The Coach’

IBM believed that GDPR wasn’t a threat for companies ready to put in the hard yards – it was an opportunity for self-improvement.

Catalysis brought this to life through ‘The Coach’, a creative concept that breathed life and colour into a story where most brands had chosen to sow fear and uncertainty.


Integrated marketing campaign, lead gen

Website, infographic, animation, video, 360

Champions train hardest

The Coach is a specialist in data-driven competitive advantage, driving personal bests in customer experience and world records in digital transformation.

His training apparatus consisted of a campaign microsite hosting a 360-degree, interactive ‘GDPR gym’ experience; original video, articles and interactive infographics.

Traffic driving came from highly visual carousels, GIFs and six-second video spots, while SEO support was provided by nine blogs, authored by The Coach and hosted on IBM web properties with high domain authority.

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The campaign was perfectly timed. As data scandals engulfed some of the world’s most loved companies, IBM’s GDPR messaging crossed the line a winner on the 25th May – and then just kept on running.


Doubled Facebook and LinkedIn click-thru benchmarks, and exceeded paid media targets


high quality responses

Campaign’s cookie pool supported several months of retargeting

Achieved blog click-thru rate of 3%, versus IBM benchmarks of 0.53%