Increasing blog readership
for IBM Field Notes

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Success in Motion

In just five months, our animated GIFs for IBM’s Field Notes blog contributed to a 700% increase in average readership per post.

Thumb-stopping Visuals

IBM’s customer reference team needed to improve pick-up of its content by IBM’s core Twitter channels. The solution was to accompany stories with animated GIFs that caught the eye and cut through the chatter to grab clicks and shares. 

Here's some of our favourite GIFs produced for
IBM Field Notes - watch with sound.

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plus increase in average viewership per blogpost



increase in total
blog viewership

“Catalysis has done an amazing job on the animated GIFS for the blog this year. They are definitely helping us get traction with the IBM social properties in promoting the Field Notes blog posts and elevating our viewership of the blog.”

Jolene M. Hall, Global Client References Strategy, IBM

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