Catalysis makes integrated B2B marketing campaigns. We are experts in creating content to support the whole buyer’s journey, from top of the funnel through to sales enablement. Our omnichannel campaigns incorporate elements of ABM, marketing automation, organic and paid social, digital, experiential and customer marketing.

We work at a global level for clients including IBM, TIBCO, HPE, Oracle, Autodesk, HERE and FICO.

If you are a potential team member, you’ll get a feel for what it is like here by looking at our social feeds. If you are a potential client and would like to look at some of our work and hear our ideas, contact Peter Sive or Katharine Webb.



We are pioneering the use of real-time analytics to dynamically optimise campaign promotion and content. We use the information we get from marketing automation and from social advertising to optimise promotion and shape campaign content itself. We have all these specialisms within one team. This allows us to be agile and creative, wowing clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Many of our campaigns are created to be executed through marketing automation. We make sophisticated and engaging omnichannel content journeys through the buying cycle. We are Marketo and Eloqua certified, and understand how to build campaigns which make the most of these platforms. Often we help our clients build their user profiles and map out the customer journey.

Our copywriting and digital teams create beautiful, engaging and strategically relevant content.

Organic and Paid Social

We design and sequence organic and paid social activity to support marketing and demand generation campaigns. We do not ‘set and forget’ advertising, we monitor the metrics daily and make incremental changes based on what we learn. Because we build the campaigns as well as place the advertising, we can understand which adverts work best and why. We can then optimise both the adverts and the campaigns to get progressively better results.

Customer Reference and Marketing

We have fifteen years’ experience of establishing customer reference and marketing campaigns. We make all the usual assets – videos, animations, web experiences, infographics, white papers and so on. But our unique expertise is in linking customer reference with demand generation, sales, organic social and social advertising. We know which is the right customer content to use at each stage of the buyer’s journey – from top of the funnel through to sales enablement.


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